3 Crucial Components to a Successful Hot Dog Cart Business Plan

Would you enjoy the opportunity to be your own boss in a low-stress, highly profitable business? Are you looking for a surefire plan to start up a real business that can help you quickly reach those goals?

Good, you are definitely in the right place.

Not that long ago I was searching for answers to the same questions, so you should carefully read every word on this page as it will make a huge impact on your life just like it did to mine.

You are going to take a peek into the most closely guarded secrets necessary to any successful hot dog business plan.

These components are so powerful they allowed me to personally build my very own profitable hot dog cart in 40 days, so if you are serious about getting into the hot dog business, don’t skip any part of this article.

Here are the essential pieces to a successful hot dog cart business plan:

1) Have an exit strategy in place: This is the single most important part of starting any business and at the same time is often over-looked.

An entrepreneur has to be a big picture thinker that sees the end result and puts together systems and processes that lead to that end goal. Knowing how and when you want to leave your business will drive everything that you do on a daily basis.

Do you want to sell your cart? Do you want a family member to take over? These and other questions need to be considered.

2) Develop an upsell process: The easiest and most lucrative way to make money in any business is by simply offering additional items to every customer with the initial sale. This is what is known as an upsell.

To give you an example from the world of food service, think McDonald’s. Their offer for a “super size” with every value meal is the upsell process at it’s finest.

Get creative with different combinations of drinks, snacks, and other items that you can bundle with your hot dogs. If you can come up with a catchy name for the combo, it will sell even better.

Also design a series of questions like “would you like to super size that” to offer the upsell.

3) Pick a commissary partner: when you get a license to sell hot dogs you will be required to clean your utensils in a commercial kitchen.

Renting a space is extremely expensive and hard to find. My most secret ninja trick is contacting your local church to be your commissary partner. They have all the proper commercial kitchen equipment
to satisfy your license requirements.

Most churches won’t even accept a payment to use their kitchen so offer to provide food for a youth group or other church event once a month in return for using their kitchen. This will score you huge points and will at most cost a couple hundred a month, which is nothing compared to renting a space.